Tons of pictures from Sisemore Mixer Friday Night.

Joe Crowley and Karolyn Howe Farmer                                                                 AHS/THS Welcome Mat

Jerry and Sharon Wood                                                                                 Bill Fry

Ruth Coker Williams and Don Williams                                                 Charlene Wilson Volner and Eva Jo Miller Sudbury('58)

Cindy and Stacy Lacy                                                                                 Tish Norvill Salvato, Mary Knupp Berry, Sourette Seay Cowan

Franklin and Jeanine Porterfield Rankin                                                                                 Paul Geiser

Judy Sheffield Hoyer                                                                                 Judy Hudson Buckley

Rita Robison Walker                                                                 Sue Smith Whitlock

Suzy Askew Zimmerman                                                                 Ron and Jan Hudson Samuels

Patsy Pillars Lain                                                                                 Duane and Janet Leachman Ethridge

Dean Robertson                                                                                 Jet and Martha Hawkins Naples

Doug and Kay Watts Owens                                                                 Jeremiah and Priscilla Totten Jarvis

Jerry Roberts, Janette Park Whitsett, Nancy Hasley Roberts, Glenda Copeland Mann                                                 Alice & Lee Campsey                                

Jean and Bill Mitchell                                                                 Donnie and Marilyn McCarty Johnson

Jack Sisemore;Carroll Rexrode                                                                                 Ed "Scooter" Rea

"just relaxing"                                                            Ann Snodgrass Jenkins;Linda Fonti Johnson;Sammye Clay Stark;           
                                                                                                Joy Downing McCrummen;Doris Winter Blackaby;Judy Gifford Lease           

Gary and Pat Crawford Strickland                                                                 Ted and Kay Bates Norrid

Don Howington                                                                 Barbara and Chuck McHargue

Don and Wanda Flippin O'Connor                                 Lyndal Moore Coats;Jerry & Mary John Starr Hicks
                                                Forrest and Linda Jones

Rickey and Bessie Holman Hatter                                                                 Elvin Lamb; Lee and Alice Campsey

Jenny Swenson; Catherine Hardman Choate                                 Jeanne Hoover Conrad; Rosemary Somerville Gresham

Jack Sisemore and Debra Anderson                                                                 Gus Padres and Sandra Carlson

Nancy and Larry Whitlock                                                                 David & Jeanette Kennann Massey

Pat & Donald Gatlin                                                                 Tish Norvill Salvato

Glenn & Margaret Pederson Kirk;Brenda Norman Moser                                                              Anita Mayfield Rudder

Charlene Charless;Sondra Currie;Sharon Wood                                                 Charlene Wilson Volner; Priscilla Totten Jarvis

Tommy & Sue Crossland Thomas                                                                 Don Deason; Don Albert

Dianne Burcham Allison;Nita Westfall Fry;Claudia Meisenheimer Sams                                                 Pat and Jerry Herring                             
                                                            Kay Baker Venhaus;Deanna Lilly;Wanda Williams Briscoe
                                                              Jeannette Alexander Wedding;Jim Burleson

Anita Mayfield Rudder;Pat & Jerry Herring                                                                 Mayme and Bob Hacker       

Mary Knupp Berry;Mike Mitchell;Tish Norvill Salvato                                 Dianne Burcham Allison;Nita Westfall Fry;Claudia Meisenheimer Sams
                                                                           Kay Baker Venhaus;Suzy Askew Zimmerman

Patsy Pillers Lain                                                                 Woodfin Camp

Susan and Herb Everitt                                                                 Ralph Holloway;Bill Fry

Dorinda and Steve Arden                                                        Mary Lou and Duane Glasco

MaryKaye and Vic Shawgo                                                                   Wonderful Buffet

Virginia & Byron Riddle;Carol Ann Ellis Gould                                             Gene McCartt;Elvin Lamb;Carol McCartt;Paul Fields

Chuck McHargue                                                        Alice Campsey;Carolyn Connelly Lockhart

Johnny Lockhart                                                                   Jeanne Conrad Hoover;Carolyn Janak;Jet Naples

Jan Bowerman;KayWatts & Doug Owens;Dewayne Bowerman                                                        Jan & Duke Parish;Carroll Rexrode     

unidentified;Woodfin Camp;Sister Sophie Camp                                             unidentified;Ted Norrid;Liz Gifford

Barbara & Chuck McHargue;Sharon Arnold                                             Margaret Pederson Kirk;Cindy Law Dillon

Cindy Law Dillon;Margaret Pederson Kirk;Dennis Dillon                                                                              Sid Lindsay                           

Jerry and Sharon Coffee Summers                                                        Karen Cook Heavin;Robert Daily;Cindy & Stacy Lacy

Liz Gifford;Karen Cook Heavin;Robert Daily                                                        Paul Setzler;J. T. Jolley           

Joe Crowley;Ron Wells;Karolyn Howe Farmer                                                        Tommy Thomnas;Bill Heavin           

           Karen Cook Heavin                                                                   Ron Wells;Connie Lawson Kelln;Jeannette Alexander Wedding

Soapy Sudbury('58);Gail Bennett Meacham; Nita Westfall Fry;Harry Allwein

Kay Hortenstine;Sheila George Bright                                             Barbara and Joe Pace

Ruth Coker Williams;Carroll Rexrode                                             Charles Kelln;Don Deason;Gary Crowell

Lyndal Moore coats('60);Jan Parish                                             ??;Claire Childers Burney;Duke Parish

Margaret Pederson Kirk;Ann Dooley Snodgrass Jenkins            George & Jill Hill Becquet;Gene Gifford;Mary John Starr Hicks;Nancy Hasley Roberts

Virginia & Byron riddle;Connie Lawson Kelln; Janette Park Whitsett                       Suzy Askew Zimmerman;Rosemary Sommerville Gresham

Byron Riddle; Paul Setzler                                             Jane Bumpus Austin, grandson and friend

David Fowler;Freda Jackson                                             Tria Bryant Godwin;Paul Geiser
                                                                                   Karen Cook Heavin; Gail Bennett Meacham

Addis Charless;;Don Williams                                             Ken Johnson;John Scoggan

Judy Hudson Buckley;Linda Latham Hare;Claire Childers Burney                                  Clifford Johnson;Dewayne and Janet Leachman Ethridge

Carole Gattis Coon                                                        Soapy Sudbury('58);Jerry Roberts

Linda Latham Hare;Claire Chiilders Burney;                                             Tom Devanney;Glenda Rigley Everett
                                                             Susan Allen Pando;Paul Fields

Carroll Rexrode;Dianne Burcham Allison                                             Johnny Lockhart;Cindy Law Dillon;Marilyn McCarty Johnson
                                                                                        Lynda Jordan Cudderth;Ken Johnson

Karen Cook Heavin;Mrs. Ron Wells                                                        Jill Hill Becquet;Jenny Swenson;Rita Robison Walker

Barbara Pace;William & Jean Mitchell                                             Joe Pace;Addis Charless

Patsy Pillars Lain;Sue Crossland Thomas                                             Catherine Hardeman Choate;Jan Hudson Samuels
                                                                                             Charlene Wilson Volner;Wanda Williams Briscoe

Corsage made by Freda Cotton Jackson and Karen Garst Parish                                  Freda Cotton Jackson;Don Albert; Carol Ann Ellis Gould

Vicki Cazzell Durham;Karen Cook Heavin;Lynda Jordan Sudderth                  Suzy Askew Zimmerman;Sue Smith Whitlock;Darinda & Steve Arden
                                                                                  Freda Cotton Jackson;Jane Bumpus Austin

Bill Heavin;Glenn Kirk                                             Glenn & Margaret Pederson Kirk

Byron riddle;Dennis & Cindy Law Dillon;Marilyn McCarty Johnson                                             Gus Padres and Sandra Carlson;Carolyn Janak           

Ken Johnson;Karolyn Howe Farmer                                                             John Scoggin;Sid Lindsey

Ken Johnson;Sue Smith Whitlock                                                             Jill Hill Becquet     

Clifford Johnson;who is this?;Jill Hill Becquet                                             Nancy Hasley Roberts;Joe Crowley;Linda Fonti Johnson

Jerry Roberts;Jack Sisemore                                                        Jerry & Nancy Hasley Roberts;Jack Sisemore;Carroll Rexrode

Clifford Johnson;Ken Johnson                                                        Susan Allen Pando;Glenda Copeland Mann;Janette Park Whitsett

Janette Park Whitsett;Bill & Susan Allen Pando                                             Glenda Copeland Mann;Jeannette Alexander Wedding;
                                                                                        Jeanne Hoover Conrad;Karen Cook Heavin

Gus Padres & Sandra Carlson;Carolyn & Jim Janak                                             Judy Hudson Buckley;Sue Smith Whitlock

Ed & Sheila George Bright                                                        Don Albert;Gene Gifford;Darinda & Steve Arden

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