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A Memorial to Our Friends of the 1959 Class of AHS and THS

Fifty years ago we probably thought little about death;
Our interests were of boys or girls, not taking our last breath.

Our lives were carefree, fun-filled, and sometimes even upside down;
But we believed our friends would always be around.

Now it has been 60 years and two hundred four of our classmates have gone to a better place;
But that leaves a big void that can never be replaced.

One by one our circle of friends has been broken;
And many words of love and respect were left unspoken.

Cherished memories never fade when a friend is gone;
But they will forever in our hearts live on.

Thank you God for each of these friends so rare;
Today we honor them for their worth is beyond compare.
By Voncille Bennett North

Gene Abbott
Don Albert
Steve Alderson
Shirley Ammons
Richard Arterburn
Carol Ann Atwood Heitz
Jim Wade Baker
Betty Beall Mendell
Ken Beets
Lynell Best Rabl
Mary Lou Bingham
Martha Bishop Dean
Judy Blackburn Williams
Joe Blake
Carole Blakeway Goodnight
Jack Borger
Dewayne Bowerman
Loyd Bridges
Jack Brinkley
Regeina Brock Scott
Bill Brooks
Don Bullard
Jane Bumpus Austin
Earl Bybee
Richard Cain
Robert Callaway
Shirley Cammack Wheelock
Pat Cannon
Carol Case Harlow
Benny Chavez
Pat Coe
Lyndel Cox Cotton
Norman Cox
Sue Crossland Thomas
Lynda Louise Darnell Federspill
Johnie Daughtry
Cynthia Davis
Eddie Day
Bill Dean
Don Deason
Ben Dees
David B DeVaney
Tony Dewey
Cliff Dines
Dina Dodge Miller
Marilyn Kay Edwards Kiser
Wanda Eder Coffelt
Carol Ann Ellis Gould
Jerry Ellis
Judy Estess Smith
John Eudy
Sue Evens Murphy
James W Everitt
Nelda Fancher Wetzel
Raymond Farrow
Charles Flemins
E Ross Flowers
James Foster
Keith Fritsch
Fred Gariepy
Linda Garrett Coates
Jack Gary
Paul Geiser
Amarllys Gibbons Charlton
David Graves
Jack Green
Linda Greer
Ken Grenewald
Bob Hacker
Jimmy Hale
Judy Hamilton Walsh
Suzanne Hamilton Bailey
Susan Hanson Scanlan
Judith Harris Sandlin
Martha Hawkins Naples
Glenda Hayhurst Schmidt
Dale Herring
Freddie Hill
John Hirsch
Warren O Holley
Jeanne Hoover Conrad
Rodney Hortenstine
Jim Houston
Barbara Faye Hudgins Kirkley
Linda Kay Hunter Tucker
Pat Hyde
Jerrol W Jackson
Sandra Johnson Wilkerson
Forrest Jones
Janet Jones Burford
Malcolm King
Susan KirkHentrich
William E Kirkham
Stanley Knight
Burton Lain
Milton E Larson
Linda Latham Hare
Beverly Lester
Aubrey L Lewis
Louis Lindvay
Billy Lister
Bill Litle
Johnny Lockwood
Kathy Logsdon Patterson
Hack Long
Frank Lopez
Jack Loveless
Herman Luera
Steve Lundergreen
Dulane Mack
William H 'Chico' Mann
Sandra McAlister Price
Linda McCasland
George Ann McDonald Hunter
Stephen McGregor
Charles McKay
Janie Mead Kressin
Marvin Middleton
Mary Ann Miller Sullivan
Grace Moore Holt
Barbara Jean Morgan Parker
Mike Musick
Sharon Nall Moore Butler
Patsy Newberry Murdock
Willie Dee Noland
Dale Nollner
Bob Ogilvie
Joyce O'Rear
Curtis Joe Pace
James C Pace
Brad Parkinson
Julia Partain Kerley
Johnny Peters Hargraves
Jimmy Pettyjohn
Sally Pettyjohn Pool
Herby Pfeiffer
Patsy Pillers Lain
George William Powell
Roxie Powell
Peggy Powers Wiley
Carol Purl McMeans
Malcolm Rea
Frank Reynolds
Robert D. Reynolds
Leon Rhoades
Monty Rhodes
Ronald E Roberts
Kay Linda Robertson
Melvin Dean Robertson
David L Robinson
Gigi Robinson
Bryan L Rogers
Rosario Romero
Dick Runyon
Judy Sanders Shelton
Joe Saunders
Calvin Savage
John Scoggan
Jerry Searcy
Myrna Lynn Shea Cracker
Galen Shelby
Ronnie Sherrod
Ronald Shipman
Merlin Sims
Byron Singleton
Larry Lee Smallwood
Charles E Smith
Lucy Smith Keeth
Charles Spencer
Seveta SpragginsMcCarty
Phil Spring
Ed Sprouse
Don Stark
Virgil Strimple
Lyman Stubblefield
Gary L Swafford
John Taylor
Joe Terrell
Carole Ann Thompson Crawford
Dell Townes Turner
Wilford Trevathan
Karen Vessels Owens Ratliff
John Ed Vinson
Kenny Wagner
Gary Walkup
Karen Wallis Nabors
Don Walton
William Wellman
David Merron Wesley
Stephen M Wheir
DorisWiley Dixon
Don Williams
Dwayne Wilkerson
Sonny Williams
Suvila Williams Robinson
Jay Wilson
Nancy Wilson Bullard
Tom Wisdom
Marian Wolf
Wayne Wood
Scott Yates
Harlan York

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