AHS Hall of Honor
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The AHS Hall of Honor
Established as a way to express gratitude to AHS alumni who have served our country in the military.

It is the Sandies' way to pay special tribute to those former AHS students who sacrificed their lives in a war by enshrining them into the AHS Hall of Honor. In the future, any Sandie who has died in a war will be enshrined and their name added to the monument.

The monument itself is presently located in the enclosed courtyard at Amarillo High School. It is made of black, fully polished granite with gold lettering. It is five feet wide and five feet tall and weighs about 4500 pounds. There is a bench in front made of the same material. The total cost of the monument, $9370, was paid by the AHS Class of 1958, the AHS Class of 2009, and the AHS 50th Alumni Association. The AHS 50th Alumni Association changed their bylaws to accept responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the monument in the future.

Originally, the monument was to list all of the names on the front of the monument with the backside available for future expansion by adding more concrete and another bench later. However, our search brought up so many qualified ames that we had to put the Korean, Vietnam, and Iraq/Afghanistan Wars on the back to start with. In order to make the backside of the monument more a part of the Hall of Honor, the base behind the monument needed to be extended and a matching bench added.

After talking to several members of the Class of 1959, it was decided they would provide this extension as a gift to the school from the Class of 1959. The cost was $2400.00 and $2888.00 was collected in donations from class members. The bench will have "AHS HALL OF HONOR" inscribed on the seat edges. Since our class is made up of both AHS and THS alumni, the base on the new bench will be inscribed "Gift of the AHS/THS Class of 1959." The overage will go to the AHS 50th Alumni Association's fund for maintenance of the monument. Also, Osgood Monument donated $500 to the Alumni Association fund for maintenance.

As the top right picture shows, extension of the base is complete and the new bench is in place. Thank you to all who contributed toward the expansion of this monument honoring our war dead.

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